About us


Hearing loss is the most prevalent sensory dysfunction in humans and recognised as major health, societal and economic burden and an area of unmet medical need. Recent scientific breakthroughs supported by growing private and public investments have facilitated a pipeline of novel hearing therapeutics, ranging from small molecule drugs to gene and cell therapies. As these therapeutics are advancing towards the clinical trial domain, specialist input to deliver proof of concept and to test safety and efficacy has become a priority to both scientists and industry.

Who we are

ENT Clinical is the academic clinical research organisation with the know-how and expertise to support your clinical development program in the hearing field. We do so by combining our clinical expertise and operational quality with specialist knowledge of the translational and patient pathways in hearing disorders, resulting in credible, creative, cost-effective solutions for clinical trials. ENT Clinical is embedded within Julius Clinical, an international science CRO with a long tradition of academic and operational excellence.

What we offer

ENT Clinical offers unique clinical trials expertise and services in ENT, Hearing and Balance disorders and a well-established international network of scientists and clinicians committed to the translation of hearing discoveries into treatments for patients.

Our network

ENT Clinical brings together expert insight in the latest developments in translational hearing research with excellence in clinical trial operations to effectively support your clinical development program. Our global and committed network of clinical academic leaders, guarantees access to expert sites and patient populations across the world.

Our services

ENT Clinical supports clients throughout their clinical development program; from defining clinical strategy, target population and trial design, through to regulatory submissions, trial set up and training of local staff and to expert monitoring and DSMB reporting. Our clinical and statistical experts and specialist data management systems will ensure high quality and timely analysis, interpretation and reporting of your trial data; offering a Full-Service Solution.

Scientific input and consultancy

We are well versed with and support all therapeutic approaches for inner ear and central auditory disorders, including drugs, genes and cells for optoprotection, restoration and regeneration.

We provide expertise for the full range of lead indications in ENT, Hearing & Balance, including drug and noise induced hearing loss, mono and multigenic conditions, age related hearing loss, as well as tinnitus, central auditory processing and balance disorders.

We work with clinicians who are familiar with all therapeutic delivery approaches to the inner ear and central auditory pathways: from systemic administration and local delivery through drops, sprays and intratympanic injections, to surgical approaches via a cochlear implant or delivery device. More importantly, we can effectively implement our clinical and scientific knowledge to your trial design and development and advise you in using biomarkers and imaging.

Patient recruitment

We provide expertise in recruiting adult and paediatric patients from public and private hearing services across a range of healthcare systems. We work with sites and settings outside traditional hearing services to recruit patients (at risk of) hearing loss, and have a network of oncologists and respiratory physicians with an interest in ototoxicity, as well as geneticists, primary care and community physicians keen to provide their perspective on hearing loss and to test new hearing treatments in their patients.

Operational excellence

We have hands-on experience in the development and delivery of investigator led and commercial early and late phase trials of novel hearing therapeutics, hearing devices and complex interventions in ENT, Hearing & Balance. Together with our committed network of academic leaders and investigators around the world.

Professional collection, handling and storage of your hearing data

Experienced clinical data project managers coordinate key activities and manage study data flow, ensuring that data are collected, handled and stored accurately and appropriately. In addition to regular data management tasks, efforts are made to add value to clinical research projects by leveraging the available information for project management and compliance, in order to facilitate the use of central and risk-based monitoring approaches.

Partnership and personal commitment

ENT Clinical and Julius Clinical’ senior leaders are actively involved in trial review, function as point of escalation and are committed in achieving timelines together with your allocated operational team. Internal and external communication lines are short and swift allowing for rapid problem resolution.

The team

At the heart of ENT Clinical lies scientific expertise and operational excellence.